"Ya Allah, apabila rezekiku ada di langit, maka turunkanlah, apabila di dalam bumi maka keluarkanlah, apabila di laut maka naikkanlah, apabila jauh maka dekatkanlah, sekiranya dekat maka permudahkanlah, dan sekiranya sedikit maka perbanyakkanlah dan sekiranya sedia banyak maka permudahkanlah untuk mendapatkannya , juga berilah keberkatan terhadap rezeki tersebut dan berikanlah rezeki padaku sebagaimana yang kujangka, dengan rezeki yang halal dan baik, serta banyak lagi keberkatan sehinggakan ku tidak memerlukan sesiapa selain dari-Mu, dan jadikanlah kedua tanganku ini berada di atas dengan suka memberi dan menderma, dan jangan jadikan dua tanganku ini di bawah dengan suka meminta-minta, sesungguhnya Engkau amat berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu". Amin Ya Robbal A'lamin

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Treatment Stories and the costing

Chronology of events for my fertility treatments (I may revise the info as at the latest treatment I go /do):

Nov – 1st time decided to refer OBGYN and went to Pusat Bersalin UMRA @Poliklinik UMRA Seksyen 13 Shah Alam.
Assigned to Dr. Niraj, explained our situation..bla bla bla and did ultrasound to check my fatty tummy..ngeh3 (perfect and no issue)
Advised to take / do these:
-          Clomid for next cycle (Dec 2011) and seek my hubby for SA,
-          TVS at CD12 for cycle Dec (done by Dr Ummul, found few good follicles and very thin uterus lining (no additional advice for that) ,
-          Blood test at CD21 to look the progesterone level (done by MO -result is good as ovulation occur and that’s it no additional advice);
-          Jan 2012 – pain during period and given painkiller (by GP)
Consultation + procedure + lab test + medication  = +/- RM600
1st quarter – on & off went to UMRA to see Dr Niraj – he advised to do blood test again to see my hormone level and so on..bla bla bla
A week later, went there again to review the result – Dr. Niraj explained everything perfect and no issue at you. And asked my hubby to do SA and given Letrozole for next cycle.
Did SA at Path lab Puchong, and jeng3………result unexplained.
2nd quarter  (to be exact 2 weeks before Ramadhan) – went to UMRA to meet Dr. Niraj (unfortunately he had an emergency delivery case) so, my case forwarded to Dr. Rafi. Dr. Rafi saw the results and straight away suggest IVF.
Heartfelt and cried – later Dr. Rafi advised to meet the Psychiatrist and the IVF advisor at UMRA soonest possible.
Seek opinion with family members and friends – they suggest getting 2nd opinion from the specialist.
Digging for the best specialist in town and build my strength to face my 2nd stage of treatment.
Nov – able to get appointment with Dr Adilah (IVF advisor and also an experienced specialist who handled many types of fertility issues and pleased with her success stories.
This is my journey with Dr Adilah @ PHKL:
Met Dr Adilah on CD12, explained my previous treatments. She did TVS, later found few fibroids surrounded my uterus (seems no harm if I get pregnant) and also found immature follicles (PCOS) hurmmmm.
Advised to take / do these:
-          Clomid for next cycle (as it is working for me on Dec 2012), hormone /blood test, HSG and seek my hubby for SA.
-          Multivitamins for both of us.
Dec - Went for hormone / blood test at CD3.also to set appointment but unfortunately Dr Adilah was on holiday (2nd half of the month)..her nurse asked me to proceed with HSG and advised to take clomid the next cycle (Jan 2013) and do necessary treatment in Jan 2013.
Costing for UMRA:
Consultation + procedure + lab test + medication  = +/- RM300
Costing for PHKL:
Nov / Dec 2012 –
1.       Consultation+ procedure + medication (clomid)  = RM342.80
2.       SA (by Embriologist) =RM120
3.       Hormone / Blood test for me (at Pantai Premier Pathology)       = RM424
4.       HSG (at Tawakal by Dr Fatimah) = RM180
TOTAL = RM1066.80
Jan – set appointment with Dr Adilah on CD11 (taken clomid on CD3 until CD9)
CD11, Dr did TVS and found these:
-          Left Ovary - 3 good follicles @ 16mm and 15mm for 2.
-          Right Ovary – 3 follicles @ 10mm each
-          Uterus lining was at 2.7mm (not good)
Advised to take / do these:
-          Femoston – 3 pills on CD11 through vagina
-          Come back on CD13 for TVS
CD13, Dr did TVS again and found these:
-          Left Ovary - 3 good follicles @ 18mm and 14mm for 2. And got extra follicles growing…hehehe
-          Right Ovary – 3 follicles @ 8mm each (don’t know what happen to the earlier one)
-          Uterus lining was at 3.7mm (good sign -increase 1mm within 36 hours on femoston)
Advised to take / do these:
-          Femoston – 3 pills daily through vagina until CD19
-          Review hubby’s blood test result
-          Ovidrel injected on CD13 (10.30pm)
-          Proceed with IUI @CD15
Shall update the IUI procedure (if happen to proceed at CD15) later
Costing for PHKL:
Jan 2013 –
1.       Consultation + procedure+ medication (femoston) =RM255
2.       Hormone / Blood test for hubby (at Pantai Premier Pathology)       = RM228
3.       Consultation + procedure+ medication (ovidrel) =RM304
 TOTAL as at today = RM787

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hye smua....dah lapan hari di tahun baru nih...rasanye x terlambat mama cahaya nak ucapkn HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 nih kn....

fuh..smoga smua azam2 yg dulu, skarang dn slamanyer tu masih blum expire la ye...ape2 pun kita minta tolong YANG ESA permudahkn perjalanan hidup kita sepanjang tahun ni dan tahun2 seterusnyer..In syaa Allah ..ameen