"Ya Allah, apabila rezekiku ada di langit, maka turunkanlah, apabila di dalam bumi maka keluarkanlah, apabila di laut maka naikkanlah, apabila jauh maka dekatkanlah, sekiranya dekat maka permudahkanlah, dan sekiranya sedikit maka perbanyakkanlah dan sekiranya sedia banyak maka permudahkanlah untuk mendapatkannya , juga berilah keberkatan terhadap rezeki tersebut dan berikanlah rezeki padaku sebagaimana yang kujangka, dengan rezeki yang halal dan baik, serta banyak lagi keberkatan sehinggakan ku tidak memerlukan sesiapa selain dari-Mu, dan jadikanlah kedua tanganku ini berada di atas dengan suka memberi dan menderma, dan jangan jadikan dua tanganku ini di bawah dengan suka meminta-minta, sesungguhnya Engkau amat berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu". Amin Ya Robbal A'lamin

Friday, 31 May 2013

Part 2 - My 1st IUI Journey (the result)

After a hectic 2WW journey, I went to Hospital on 5 Feb 2013 for the BetaHCG blood test and the nurse told me that we can get the result by 2 hours.

Exactly at 2.30pm...the nurse called me and informed that the BetaHCG result was " NEGATIVE" aka IUI FAILED...(as expected as no symptoms i felt).Actually,I was fully prepared emotionally and mentally but it is not worth though...suddenly felt demotivated and moody till the end of the day.

Hubby was strong enough to make me feel more energetic and get me into Positiveness...love u syg..you made my day =)

Next day, I called the clinic to set an appointment with  Dr Adilah..And my treatment story starts all over again.....Chaiyok Chaiyok

Part 1 - My 1st IUI journey


My 1st IUI experience with Dr Adilah, this post was long overdue to published...I am sorry though and I am trying to relax and think some HAPPY thoughts everyday.

The details of my IUI as follows:
Date: 23 Jan 2013
Time: 8.15am /11.15am
Venue: IVF Clinic & Dr Adilah's Clinic

As usual, we arrived at hospital around 8am, then straight away walk to IVF clinic for hubby to donate his sperm for "washing" process. The process will take about 2 hours, so we decided to register at Dr's clinic, the later went for breakfast. I was told to keep a full bladder for the procedure.

By 11, we were back at the clinic and we were called for the procedure. the nurse showed us a semen container labelled with my name to confirm that the sperm belongs to us. Dr Adilah shared the result of the semen analysis and explained the necessary info before proceed to the procedure.By the way, I injected Ovidrel 2 days i.e. 36 hours before the procedure.

After that, Dr began the procedure by inserting a speculum into me...felt slightly discomfort but painless. Next, she showed us a very thin and flexible catheter to be inserted into the cervix and explained that the washed sperm then will injected through it. She had some difficulties to insert the catheter into me...then she asked me to relax and think something happy. And tried again, but this time, she asked the nurse to do ultrasound and she will insert the catheter by viewing on the screen.
Thanks to Allah, this time she managed to insert the catherer and she prayed "Bismillah"and inject the sperm into my cervix. I also recite few "Doa" that moment.

Done!! Alhamdulillah....the procedure just took about 15 minutes. Really, I couldnt believe that everything was over. We were directed to another room for me to lay for half an hour before Dr releases me to go home.

I was precribed a supply of Uterogeston (to be inserted via vagina) and Dr asked to do the BetaHCG blood test after 2 weeks.

the result, i write in the next entry Part 2: My 1st IUI Journey.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Malasnyer nak update...


Pejam celik pejam celik...nak masuk bulan Jun dah..cepatnyer masa berlalu skrg kn
skali buka blog nih...last update bulan Jan

JAN..JUN...JAN...JUN....serabut plak..ngeh3

byk sgt topik yg kena update nih....tp MALAS nyer nak tulis