"Ya Allah, apabila rezekiku ada di langit, maka turunkanlah, apabila di dalam bumi maka keluarkanlah, apabila di laut maka naikkanlah, apabila jauh maka dekatkanlah, sekiranya dekat maka permudahkanlah, dan sekiranya sedikit maka perbanyakkanlah dan sekiranya sedia banyak maka permudahkanlah untuk mendapatkannya , juga berilah keberkatan terhadap rezeki tersebut dan berikanlah rezeki padaku sebagaimana yang kujangka, dengan rezeki yang halal dan baik, serta banyak lagi keberkatan sehinggakan ku tidak memerlukan sesiapa selain dari-Mu, dan jadikanlah kedua tanganku ini berada di atas dengan suka memberi dan menderma, dan jangan jadikan dua tanganku ini di bawah dengan suka meminta-minta, sesungguhnya Engkau amat berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu". Amin Ya Robbal A'lamin

Friday, 21 June 2013

Laps + Hysteroscopy + OD @ PHKL


Here are some of the details of my Laps + Hysteroscopy + OD:

Date: 21st Mar 2013
Time of Surgery: 2.30pm
Ward No: Block D - Room 3XX
Name of Dr: Dr Adilah Ahmat
Name of Anaesthetist : Dr Nazri Bhupalan

We reached hospital around 8.15am and registered myself for the visit to Dr Adilah's clinic. Oh, besides me, many couples were seen at the clinic. Hmm..... realized that she is so so so popular for fertility treatment. Nevermind, it didn't bother me much. I was searching for Ida, eventually Ida was on leave and someone tookover her place that day..Later, Dr directed the nurse to request me to proceed with the admission and need not wait for the assessment and so on...fuhhhhh

We went to Block D for the admission registration. The admission only took less than half an hour...so fast right (as the GL, etc. has been prepared earlier)..Thanks to Dr Adilah. Then, the Porter brought us to the Ward...I've requested for 2 bedded room as it facilitated with TV (not for me but for my hubby)..The nurse came and explained the rules n bla bla....huarggggggg (but love the Complimentary Gift) hooyay...then around 11am..the Anaesthetist visited me to check my condition, the nerves and asked few questions...and said "I see you later OK..." so nice of him.

Surgery took place at the afternoon at 2pm.. Remembered hubby was there with me when I had been arranged to change into the OT gown and lie down on the mobile bed, to be pushed into the surgical ward.....huaaarrrrggggggg scary doh.. That was the last moment I saw him at the entrance of the ward. Lying down alone, looking up to the white ceiling of the chilly ward waiting hall while waiting to enter the actual surgical ward, I felt lonely and helpless. I was nervous when the anesthetist came to me. He was friendly, holding my hand, asking for my full name and many general questions eg my job, area I stay, etc... I had so much to worry. Worried that it would be painful after surgery. I was still able to answer his questions, and remembered that Dr Adilah say Hi to me but before long, snap!

The next moment I woke up, I was at the recovery section and I heard only the nurses' calling. I was forced to wake up by the nurses. It's the routine, I know.I hardly shouted "I'm cold...so cold, help me" and they replied me...I've switched on the warmer and put on few blankets...you will be OK dear".Owh gurl...you're drama queen for sure. They really have to make sure you have overcome I was glad to wake up safe and sound though.

Pain so little as the gas still in my body, except for having the long needle poking into my hand for drips, and 3 patches of heavily stained cotton squares on my lower abdominal forming. Of course, I did not move myself at all. No motion to avoid any pain, initially. Pain killers were given,too. Opened up the plasters to be checked by the doctor, oh, the scars were 3 really :)

Dr Adilah gave me a visit the next day, to check the scars and my condition and advised me to eat something if you're hungry...Guess what...I did not vomit at all after the surgery..Goob Job, Gurl!!!!!! And, she explained what she had removed and so on. She added more, try to walk and do other regular activities (e.g bathing,peeing, eating, etc) so that you can go home tomorrow....hoooyay.

After all, my hubby look after me even he knew the pain is something more than usual. As I started to walk and do my things, the pain getting worst but I try to act as I am OK...then the next day Dr Adilah discharged me and gave 3 weeks MC and advised to visit her a week after that so that she could explain the medications provided.

Eventhough, it's only a minor surgery, I have to "Pantang"...hurmmmm what else..hubby sent me to my mom's place for me to rest n relax.

Well, my surgery was over. Charges? Approximately RM15K and covered by Insurance.

I shall write on the follow up treatment sooner...Wassalam

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  1. Hi, I am going to have laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with dr Adilah, too! This will be my first time going under surgery, so I am kinda freaking out. Btw, did she give you some medication before the surgery? Dr said I should be admitted one night before the procedure to receive some kind of medication. And what should I bring to the hospital?